2021 • UX Design

VAT Filing for ANNA Money

Here I led the UX design to produce an updated experience for filing VAT Returns through the ANNA Money mobile app. This was for a special group of businesses on the Flat Rate Scheme. To file VAT, they would check a few important tasks highlighted by the system, and be done in minutes.

Easy to check everything's included before filing with HMRC

I created an experience that helps users focus, enabling them to file their VAT Return with minimal fuss. The system reviews their bank transactions and classes anything it can as Sales. The user checks this through a simple keep or remove interaction before filing with HMRC at the tap of a button.

Creating handy ways for VAT to be captured

I designed a feature that shows when receipts have automatically been linked to transactions, ensuring reliable bookkeeping for accounting. Additionally, I recommended a convenient method for users to quickly add VAT to business expenses using simple percentage buttons, ensuring seamless and accurate logging.

Helpful reminders to file VAT

For businesses filing VAT on the Flat Rate Scheme I created an in-app reminder that would tell users when their VAT is due for filing, so they don't miss an important deadline.

Process work - UX research

For the first step of the project I recruited customers for a research study, where I observed them using the current VAT Filing tool, and collected feedback results that showed what needed improving.


From here I created wireframes that described a new and better experience. This was in collaboration with a company co-founder and the Head of Product Design.

Once these wireframes were fully resolved, I briefed our digital designer to produce the UI design, supporting her with questions along the way.

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