UX/UI design

Procurement software for Techspace

Techspace required a procurement software system to use internally.

Purchase requisitions, approvals, and ordering all needed to operate around a proprietary product catalogue and supplier list. My work covered a redesign to fix UX fails in the existing system.

Background process – user journeys

I documented cross-departmental user journeys to define what interface screens and elements would be needed as procurement tasks were completed.

High-level user flows

From talking with users of the current system and by referring to business documentation, I drew user flows to illustrate ideal (revised) experiences.

Process maps

I created a sheet documenting the entire set of aspects and contingencies involved in purchase processes. This was to refer back to over time whilst designing a new system.

Closeup screenshots

The final solution comprised of a wide range of design mockups and clear, concise functional specs. The users – internal staff – were highly excited to start using the new screens and system as soon as possible.