UX/UI design

Meeting rooms app & website for Techspace

This project comprised a re-design of the meeting room booking system for Techspace, a fast-growing company that sells shared office space.

After doing user interviews and observing people using the current system, I drew up a list of recommendations for a re-design. From there I created wireframes and interactive prototypes, did user testing on those and iterated to produce the final product in the form of a mobile app and desktop interface.

My role: UX researcher, UX/UI Designer

Responsive desktop interface

A design mockup for the landing page of the new meeting room booking system.

Background process: research study

The first step was to dig into quantitative data, conduct a survey and do a series of customer interviews to understand behaviour, preferences and processes.

Early wireframes

Early in the design phase I played with ideas using paper sketches. I then translated these to wireframes and explored how to find solutions to user problems in the simplest interface.

User testing on a prototype

I created fully interactive prototypes for desktop and mobile and tested these with users by observing how easily they completed tasks.