2019 • UX Design

Invoicing experience design for ANNA Money mobile app

In this project, I played a pivotal role in elevating ANNA's invoicing system by implementing user-centered design principles across various key tasks.

Collectively, I improved conversational interfaces, created thoughtful reminders, and streamlined processes for business owners, enhancing ANNA's invoicing system and contributing to a more user-centric product.

Generating an invoice by conversation

ANNA's primary UX centers around conversational interactions, offering a user-friendly framework for task completion. This minimises cognitive load by delivering information in digestible portions.

In response to user testing feedback, I enhanced the invoice creation flow by introducing features that allow users to seamlessly add multiple items with descriptions. Additionally, I improved the flow by incorporating 'suggestion buttons' to surface previously used items.

Helpful reminders

ANNA's support for business administration knows no limits. As a UX Designer, I enjoyed crafting a conversational flow for setting up recurring invoices. A key aspect of this design is the gentle reminder to users that their scheduled invoice is set to be sent out the next day.

Read receipts

Here I designed the experience for a handy feature – the ability to see if a client has viewed an invoice email yet, and consecutive chasers. A great win for small business owners!

International invoicing

I also led the experience design that enabled business owners to charge in foreign currencies. They were able to create invoices in selected currencies, and add international bank account details.

Process work — user testing

Improvements to invoicing kicked off with a request from the product owner to test existing experiences and prototyped concepts for feature ideas. I led this testing and shared results with the team. From there we agreed which areas I would address in UX Design.

Conversation design flows

I mapped out user flows for ANNA's invoicing experiences, in the format of conversation skills with wording, suggestion buttons plus a capability for input text. I wrote much of the copy, with just a quick copywriter review required.


I created wireframes for new experiences so that the concepts could be brought to life. I made sure key content was included and that key user flows were obvious.

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