2022 • UX Design

SEO Microsite for Galderma

I led the UX design of a microsite that would house keyword-rich, SEO-driven content. The goal was to guide viewers toward a relevant conversion goal for the business.

Creating pathways

One objective reached within the UX design process was to ensure users could easily navigate through site pages even when mostly their journeys started from an article page, as is common for SEO-led websites.

Tag system for topics

I created a tag system to structure topics on the website, enabling users to easily discover new content and navigate through multiple pages.


With a clear goal in mind, my UX design efforts ensured that site conversion was reached.

Process work – Wireframes

One of the first stages in the process was to create clear and detailed wireframes that summarised the experience. These I presented to an executive leader within the business as a useful way to capture feedback.

Tree Testing

One UX research method I deployed here was tree testing, in order to sense check the navigation structure and wording.

Specs for the development team

I created clear specs for a development team based offshore, presented these and answered any questions that arose.

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