2023 • UX Design

Bookkeeping Score for ANNA Money

Bookkeeping is boring, right? Not necessarily!

For this project, I led the experience design of a new feature that would be released within the ANNA Money mobile app. It gives users a fun way to tidy their books, with a simple yes/no interface and a reward mechanic in the format of a score.

Not just emotional but also financial benefits were expressed to the user, with tax savings brought to their attention. This tool has performed very well with ANNA's customer base of small business owners, with users completing many tasks.

Bookkeeping made fun and simple

I designed an experience that made the mundane enjoyable. There’s something beautiful about completing admin tasks in a way that triggers a feeling of joy – this is the result of interacting with the simple yes/no interface I designed.

I led the experience design in it's early stages, collaborating with the product owner, and for the final result worked with the exceptionally talented UI design director on the team, Juria. These are the images you see here.

Assistant chat flows

Because ANNA’s product offering centres around being a conversational assistant, it was important to dovetail key screens into conversation-based chat flows. I wrote and designed flows that introduced the Bookkeeping Score to users, provided weekly reminders, and responded to the user when they reached out with the topic.

Process work – Wireframes

One of the first steps in the process was to draft wireframes that loosely described the experience so that as a team we could discuss and align around these.

User Testing

I tested a clickable prototype with users in a customer panel, shared results with the team and modified the experience to better ensure it’s success.

Bringing stakeholders along for the ride

As bookkeeping is a space which has nuances, different opinions can exist regarding the details of a suitable experience. I took it upon myself to communicate and share what we were aiming to achieve with the experience, to express a vision and have clarity and alignment within a team that include executive leaders.

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