2022 • UX Design

Payroll for ANNA Money

Here I led the UX design of a new payroll system that was to attract new customers to ANNA’s platform. This was to be a free tool, however a comprehensive amount of discovery and design work went into this in order to meet the requirements of HMRC functionality and to create a tool that customers would find appealing to use.

The experience I am most proud of is a unique payroll generation experience, which shows users how much PAYE (tax) will be due immediately as users enter their overall payroll amount (as shown below). This was an idea I came up with and shared with the team in order to see it through.

Easy set up

To make sure users could quickly get up and running on payroll, I created a user experience that made onboarding easy to do, with key steps broken into sections. I made sure that language was simple with plenty of help text.

File directly with HMRC

Having understood how the HMRC API works, along with the development team, I designed an experience that made sure users could file their payroll at the tap of a button.

A responsive web-based tool

Payroll for ANNA Money was made to be fully responsive, so it could be used on both larger screens and smaller devices. For this, I gave the wonderful UI designer on the team, Nada, some direction, and together we made sure we were happy with how it felt on mobile.

Process work - User Journeys

One of the first UX design artefacts I created for this payroll project was a set of user journeys. This helped the wider team plan for what we were creating, leaving me time to dive deeper into refining the UX.


Once user journeys were defined, I created a set of wireframes that contained the key information that users would interact with.

User testing

With the wireframes I put together an Figma prototype and recruited users to test this. I wrote the user testing script and synthesised the results into a feedback rainbow format, so that we could see which areas needed improving and which areas created a positive response.

The final step

The final step was to make changes and brief the talented UI designer on the team to take the wireframes forward and finish them using the ANNA design system. This is what you can see in the coloured images displayed here. If you'd like to try ANNA payroll, sign up on ANNA's website.

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