2022 • UX Design

Business Tools for ANNA Money

ANNA Money sought to integrate essential tools into a web platform, transitioning from its previous mobile app-centric approach. This presented an opportunity for me to craft engaging user experiences aimed at addressing the needs of its audience—small business owners.

The solutions I orchestrated for user experience encompassed a dashboard, VAT filing, a tax calendar, a tax calculator, payroll, document storage, subscription management and settings.

Desktop admin, sorted

I designed several experiences for ANNA's web platform, including a VAT filing tool and a tool to calculate personal income tax for business owners.

Process work – Wireframes

For this project I crafted clear wireframes that gave a high level picture of the product experience that the whole team would use to take our product forward into final release.

User Testing

During the early stage of the design process, I ran moderated user testing sessions on prototypes in order to pick up on potential blockers.

Personas from customers interviews

To ensure a clear understanding of the people we were designing for, I collaborated with other members of the experience design team to create personas. After individualy completing interviews with multiple participants, we collectively synthesised the results to generate these personas.

These personas were used for multiple projects.

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