About Camille

My focus for several years has been UX design and UX research. Before this I worked extensively in UI, website and visual design.

Twelve years ago, I took my first role as a designer. Now, I design easy-to-use interfaces that create opportunities for users and businesses. Projects have included online software, responsive websites and mobile apps. Recently, I've helped companies look to the future and prioritise with UX strategy.

I'm hands-on with the tools, and able to lead designers effectively.

My key strength is leading and executing UX and UI design as well as undertaking qualitative user research studies.

I create wireframes but can take a brief all the way to pixel-perfect mockups and developer-ready assets. I'm confident writing copy for interfaces.

I generate insight from quantitative data using Google analytics or proprietary data and use this to inform design decisions wherever possible.

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I'm in London and take contracts from agencies and companies.

Send me an email at: camille@camillebrunette.com

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