About Camille

I'm a designer who loves to craft wonderful solutions that meet business goals.

For 17 years I’ve worked for product companies and agencies. I do wire-framing, prototyping and UX research. Plus, with a background in visual design, I'm skilled at creating UI or leading UI designers, in cohesion with a design system.

As a deep thinker, I relish solving problems. I have a proven track record of offering fresh ideas and leveraging empathy to craft solutions that resonate with users.

I enjoy fostering a culture of collaboration and enjoy data-driven decision-making. I thrive in environments where product teams aim to meet a strategic vision by achieving tactical goals.

I'm based in London.

My skills

  • • UX Design and Research
  • • Product Design
  • • UI Design
  • • Workshop facilitation

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Camille Brunette professional UX designer.